Analysis of the situation of Roma people from marginalized communities in Baia Mare, in the context of development, housing and work policies

Analysis document and public policy recommendations resulting from the research project

„Precarious labor and peripheral housing. The socio-economic practices of Romanian Roma in the context of changing industrial relations and uneven territorial development”.

Chapter 1

Synthesis on the problems faced by marginalized Roma in Baia Mare and recommendations for solutions

Text resulting from the PRECWORK Collaborative Workshop, Cluj, 17.06.2023

Chapter 2

The pattern of economic growth in Baia Mare: What works and what doesn’t

Text by Cornel Ban and Zoltán Mihály

Chapter 3

The work of Roma people in marginalised communities in the context of reindustrialisation in Baia Mare. Analysis and recommendations.

Text by Neda Deneva, Raluca Perneș, Andreea Ferenț, Denisa Duma, Manuel Mireanu

Chapter 4

Housing in social blocks and informal settlements in Baia Mare and media representations of Roma. Issues and recommendations

Text by Enikő Vincze

Annex I

PRECWORK survey results: population distribution by ethnicity in employment, income level and housing in Baia Mare

Data processing: Ionuț Foldes

Transforming statistical data into charts: Enikő Vincze

Annex II

Housing and work during the socialist period in Romania: A brief summary of the national legislative framework

Text by Mara Mărginean