This collaborative research project aims to enhance research-based knowledge development in Romania in several ways. First, by bringing together Norway’s FAFO Institute for Labour and Social Research and Romania’s Babeş-Bolyai University it aims to deploy theoretical and methodological apparatuses that are on the cutting edge of development in social science. Second, by addressing high-profile gaps in research so far, the authors aim to boldly make their work visible in the top tier of international social science research. Third, we expect that the collaborative experiences facilitated by this grant to build on the fact that the partners have been reading and citing each other already and generate the kind of network effect that bolsters research capabilities across institutional settings. Our work towards inclusion and empowerment of the Roma would not stop at the in-depth analysis of their situation. We plan collaborative research workshops where we will take seriously the feedback provided by our respondents and where we will facilitate the establishing of cooperative networks between workers, employers and local government by reintroducing labor unions as a key actor. All the results of this research project will be listed here.