All our publications were initially scheduled to appear next year, in 2023. However, we have started to publish as well beginning with this year. Some of the colleagues already submitted paper to edited volumes and journal.


Troc, Gabriel: Transnational migration of marginalized Roma population. The case of Baia Mare, Romania, in the VI-International European Conference on Interdisciplinary Scientific Research, August 26-27, 2022 / Bucharest, Conference proceedings, pp. 929-941.

Enikő Vincze: The Mixed Housing Regime in Romanian State Socialism in Attila Melegh (ed): Money, Markets, Socialisms. Papers presented at the conference titled “Non-Capitalist Mixed Economies”, held in Budapest, 25–27 November 2022, Edited by Attila Melegh, Budapest, Eszmélet Foundation, 2022, 26-45

Submitted to peer reviewed international journals:

Enikő Vincze: The creation of racialized surplus population in the labor-housing nexus (submitted  20.09.2022 – Focaal. Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, Focaal is a part of the Berghahn Open Anthro registered in DOAJ, Impact Factor 1.172)

Jon Horgen Friberg: Roma migration to Scandinavia (submitted September 2022 – International Migration Review, Impact Factor 3.960)

Enikő Vincze: Deindustrialization and the real-estate-development-driven housing regime. The case of Romania in a global context (submitted in 14.01 2023 – Journal of Housing and Built Environment, Impact Factor 2.033)

Cornel Ban: Local developmental alliances and industrial policy: The politics of upgrading strategies in three Central European cities (submitted February 2023 – Competition and Change, Impact Factor 3.062)

Submitted to volumes:

Ban, Cornel. “Business Factions, Populists, and the Social Bloc Perspective in Romania and Hungary” Paper prepared for Brown University’s Rhodes Center for International Economics and Finance Conference, “BRICS Neoliberalism: Past and Future?” April 22-23, 2022 , forthcoming as a chapter in Glen Morgan and Magnus Feldmann, eds, Business and Populism, Oxford University Press, forthcoming